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Training - Hot Topics Workshops

The HTW Philosophy

Hot Topics Workshops has adopted the “workshop” philosophy to provide practical, hands-on training. Our events are a mix of presentations, workshops and interactive discussions. The interactive discussions enable participants to apply the learned information to their own situation, and reason through the different solutions to a given problem. All workshops are limited to 25-30 people to allow for maximum interaction between the experts and participants.

We offer customized, in-house courses through our training organization Hot Topics Workshops. Hot Topics Workshops is your one-stop training resource for helping you develop the appropriate GMP strategy and documentation for successful product development and beyond. We provide a wide range of workshops from building workforce GMP awareness to providing specific training in GMPs and GLPs, worldwide regulatory affairs, documentation, technology transfer/outsourcing and many other topics.

Why should you select us?

Our expert team has extensive experience teaching with professional organizations, through our own Hot Topics Workshops events, and also at the University level. Like us, if you have ever been to a training event and didn't get what you expected, you have been frustrated about continuing to attend public courses, and spending your money "in vain". Even after a whole two or three-day course, you felt like you could not apply what you learned. We have been there too, and that's why we decided to start our own workshop series to provide cost-effective, practical training to our colleagues.

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