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Contamination Control by Design © (CCbD)
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The proactive approach to contamination control

Our model (shown below) illustrates the different considerations and components needed for the development of an effective contamination control strategy and a successful contamination control program - by design. We combine old concepts (such as Testing, EM, Process design and Controls) and new concepts (Risk Assessment, QbD and PAT) to create a tool that can help our clients identify the areas that need to be addressed during product development for the implementation of an effective contamination control program. Although the components of the model are well known, we want to promote the idea of applying contamination control in a planned, organized, thorough and systematic way - we want our clients to look at the whole picture and approach it from the beginning of the product/process design...

The earlier you start, the better - When we integrate Contamination Control by Design (CCbD)and Quality by Design (QbD), we are more likely to ensure a proactive approach to contamination control. We believe that this approach not only contributes to better understanding and control of the manufacturing process, but also plays a role in the assurance of product safety and overall product quality.

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