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Executive Solutions - Coaching and Mentoring
Having a mentor and/or a coach can be very helpful to your career development as a Quality Professional. So, let SCI help you or your employees...

Our Focus

Dr. Wagner has more than thirty years of experience in the pharmaceutical/biotechnology/device industries and is a certified coach. She focuses on coaching and mentoring professionals working in the area of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why should you hire a coach or a mentor?

Investing in human capital is a must if you want to be a world-class organization. Coaching or mentoring is a great investment that will help employees:

  • Think critically
  • Make more effective and timely decisions
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Develop their talents and potential to become an effective quality leader

Coaching helps management-level employees develop their potential and effectiveness in the workplace and beyond. Coaching is a development process through which an individual is guided and supported to achieve specific professional and personal competency to meet organizational goals. Effective coaching requires trust, mutual confidentiality, and commitment.

If your employee knows where he/she wants to go, but is not sure how to get there, maybe coaching is for him/her...

On the other hand, mentoring enables all employees to more effectively use their knowledge, skills and abilities in a manner that benefits the organization - In the end, it's all about results.

Unlike coaching, mentoring is based on a relationship between an experienced and a less experienced Quality professional. As mentors, we will counsel the less experienced employee on career paths, career development opportunities, and how to develop into an effective Quality leader within the organization. The goal is to provide the less experienced employee with a support system that can help him/her be more effective in his/her current role, while preparing them for the next move. Experience has shown that there is a connection between this type of collaboration and employee achievement, and that employees who are mentored are more likely to remain motivated and be more effective in their quality roles.

Our Program

We help Quality professionals become more effective in their jobs, and Quality managers become effective Quality leaders. Our coaching and mentoring programs create a partnership that provides a one-on-one, confidential opportunity to share concerns, work through important issues, and establish priorities. It is a private, confidential and supportive interaction that helps Quality employees achieve greater professional and personal satisfaction, and effectiveness and excellence in their work.

Who should hire us?

If Companies hold a strong belief in developing their employees and investing in their personal and professional development, they will benefit from our services. Coaching and mentoring should be viewed as an investment in an organization's future and not merely as an expense.

Our Approach

No two clients or sessions are alike. We listen to our client's needs, and develop a program based on their strengths and talents, and focus on a path that is right for them. We work with our clients to inspire, encourage and motivate them to stay on track with their most critical priorities and objectives.

During coaching we help facilitate the solving of immediate work problems and challenges; we help employees focus on harnessing existing skills or developing new ones to meet the organization's goals.

Unlike coaching, during mentoring our work is less directed at solving immediate work problems or issues, and is more focused on addressing issues such as:

  • Adapting to a new role or function
  • Professional growth expectations
  • Professional development
  • Critical role transitions
  • Preparing for the next role, next promotion
  • Balancing work and personal life demands
  • Dealing with Corporate politics

In other words as a Mentor/Coach, we take the role of a teacher, a problem-solver, a facilitator and trusted listener.